Before & After

Wondering what kind of results I can achieve? Take a look below.

The length of time these dresses were stored whilst dirty before I cleaned them range from 2 weeks post-wedding to 10+ years, although there’s no time limit to me working on your dress. I’ve even been known to remove staining from dresses that have been dirty for 30 or more years!

A beautiful satin gown with a very dirty train – restored to its former glory after many hours of painstaking cleaning with a fine tooth comb!

A stubborn Jägerbomb stain removed from a very beautiful lace neckline.

This bride was understandably mortified about this stain on her beautiful dress, but with lots of time and patience, it’s now back to its former glory.

The very fine lace overlay on this dress was extremely delicate – not something you’d want to use dry cleaning solvents on ideally!

This train contained a typical amount of staining – but with a lot of time and patience, 99% of the staining was removed, and any which remained, myself and the bride struggled to find on returning it home!

Is your wedding dress still dirty?

Allow me to restore it for you using my gentle hand-washing and spot-cleaning methods.

I can assure you your dress will:

  • Be worked on for many hours with a fine toothcomb and a lot of patience.
  • Be washed as many times as necessary to remove the maximum amount of staining I can physically achieve.
  • Be handled with total care and respect – I wholeheartedly understand the emotional attachment you have to your precious dress, and it’s never ‘just another dress’ to me.
  • Never come into contact with any dry cleaning chemicals.
  • Never go anywhere near a washing machine or tumble dryer (which goes without saying for the average person – but some dry cleaners have shockingly been known to do this!)
  • Be collected and returned to your door by myself personally.

I’m ready and waiting to help!

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