Terms & Conditions

In using the services of Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning, you agree to be bound by the following terms & conditions:

Collections and returns

Dresses and any other items are to be left in the hands of Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning for the duration of the work and a reasonable amount of time must be expected for this work to be carried out.

The client agrees to ensure they are available to receive their goods back as soon as they are ready (if using the door-to-door service) or to collect the goods within a reasonable amount of time (usually within 7 days) if collecting from Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning’s premises.


Goods will be collected or delivered in their original gown cover or box. Any covers, boxes, hangers etc will be returned to the client (above) upon completion of cleaning. The client’s name and phone number must be clearly marked on any covers the dress is in.

Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning
are fully insured for all items whilst in their care, a receipt will be required for any claim to go through. Dresses which have been worn or are over 6 months old will likely have a depreciation final value.

Please note: It is extremely unusual for any wedding dress which has been worn to a wedding to not have suffered some degree of damage in the form of tears, holes, missing embellishments and other signs of wear and tear. By allowing Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning to clean your gown, you are accepting that we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any tears which are found during the cleaning process or which appear as a result of removing debris from the dress during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Process
Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning
offers no guarantee as to how clean your dress will come back to you. Occasionally stubborn stains cannot be removed with any cleaning solution or process but we will ensure the very best attention is given to returning the item(s) after having gone through the very highest standard of cleaning available. Where any heavy stains cannot be removed we will attempt to fade them as much as possible. Heavy stains like mud, red wine & perspiration marks can dye some fabrics. Delicate materials can be damaged by inappropriate cleaning, so to ensure this does not happen we clean items by the method most suitable for the type of material and construction. This ensures the best possible result, whilst caring for the dress fabric itself. If the dress carries no specific cleaning instructions we will use the most delicate method of cleaning possible, however this will be at the client’s risk.
Due to the nature of the delicate fabrics used to construct certain dresses, some of these fabrics may develop slight changes in their appearance when they have been cleaned. We use only the very best and most careful cleaning procedures and solutions to ensure the risk is extremely low. Dyed wedding dresses, such as Ivory or Champagne or similar are sometimes prone to losing some or all of their dye during the cleaning process. This occurrence can happen however it is cleaned. Our process helps lessen the possibility of that happening, but please note it is still always a possibility and whilst not ruining the look of the dress in any way it may make it appear lighter than the original colouring.

Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning do not accept responsibility for any damage or loss to buttons, beading, diamantes etc during the cleaning process, however the process used means risk is minimised during all cleaning stages.


Steaming/Pressing is not advisable when having a dress cleaned which is then going to be stored. Your dress will not be steamed/pressed unless it is being returned in the gown cover and not being preserved.

Dresses that are pre-wedding will be steamed/pressed if required.

Silk Material

Silk dresses can be cleaned and preserved, however in certain cases silk dresses can mis-shape and also lose their soft look once washed. This is not always the case but please note we will only clean silk dresses at the owner’s full risk.