Why Use Me?

Sally from Nottingham Wedding Dress Cleaning

Hi, I’m Sally – and I’m passionate about restoring your wedding dress as closely back to its former wedding-day glory as possible.

Based in Carlton, Nottingham, I’m currently the only specialist in the East-Midlands, who uses an alternative hand-washing process to preserve wedding gowns without the use of any harsh machines or dry cleaning chemicals.

I’m also the only wedding dress cleaner in the area who offers a personal door-to-door service, saving you the worry of handing your precious dress over to a faceless courier service.

Lots of brides like to have their wedding dress professionally cleaned and boxed to preserve the memory of their special day. Sadly, all too often, many dry cleaners turn them away because their cleaning process is at best inadequate against the amount (and type) of staining the gown has picked up, or at worst damaging to the delicate fabrics and embellishments featured within the dress. Even when they do accept the dress for cleaning, the results can sometimes be disappointing.

This is where I come in.

A dirty wedding dress doesn’t scare me. In fact, I enjoy the challenge of getting it clean.

My cleaning process is not only incredibly gentle, but it’s also so effective, brides are regularly astounded by how remarkably clean their dresses are when I return them.

When I clean your dress, I’m not just doing ‘a job’. I take the time to meticulously work my way through every section of your gown – entirely by hand – until I feel I’ve honestly got as much staining out as I possibly can. As you can imagine, this can take several hours, and usually several attempts too. When it comes to removing stubborn stains from delicate fabrics, there really are no shortcuts to be made. It’s all about patience, time and lots of perseverance!

I get great pleasure in seeing the joy in your face when you unveil your wedding gown to find the same beautiful dress it was on the morning of the biggest day of your life. And I won’t rest until I’ve done everything I physically can to make that happen.

Want to find out more?

Simply pop me an email over, or if you’d like a free no obligation quotation for your dress cleaning, complete the form here.

I look forward to helping you!